Lip Filler Aftercare Instructions

Get The Most Out of Your Lip Filler Treatment

What To Do:

After your Lip Filler Treatment at Bloom Health...


Your Lips Deserve Pampering

Pamper your gorgeous lips with SkinMedica’s HA Smooth & Plump Lip System, specially designed for ultra-rich hydration and smoothing. Helps to visibly plump the lips from the outside with intense two-step hydrating system. Contains hyaluronic acid, whey protein, and nourishing plankton extract.

Typical Lip Filler Journey

Getting Lip Filler is a journey – it’s rewarding, but it may take time! Here’s how you can expect to feel during recovery.

Day 0

"My lips are too small. I'm getting Filler!"

Days 1-2

"Ah! SO swollen, take it out!"

Days 3-4

"Bruised and maybe a little lumpy"

Days 5-7

"Getting used to them, I'll start a new lipstick!"

Week 1-2

"I LOVE my new lips! I want more!"

Skin Nourishment

Our Favorite Post-Treatment Moisturizers & Serums

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