Why The Aquagold Facial May Be The Best Wedding Gift Of 2020

Aquagold Facial… Best Wedding Gift. EVER.

By Dr. Nicholas Crawford


Looking for the best wedding gift of 2020?

We know how hard it is to find a perfect gift for that special couple who ALREADY HAS LOVE! It seems insincere to order something like dishware off the wedding registry and have it delivered to their front door six weeks before the wedding, right? And dropping a $100 check into a last-minute card…. feels a bit bland, no?

But search no further. We’ve got the ultimate wedding gift you can bestow- and it’s one that will help the bride and groom look positively glowing on their big day. Enter the Aquagold Facial.

It’s a fan favorite, designed to instantly refresh your entire visage, giving you dramatic results with zero downtime.

Why not give those newlyweds (yes, both of them!) something unique, something they can experience together, and something that will definitely be remembered for years to come?

So What Is The Aquagold Facial?

The Aquagold Facial is a painless facial treatment that brightens skin, shrinks pores, reduces fine lines, and leaves you with a dewy, radiant complexion that’s virtually impossible to duplicate by other means. The secret behind the Aquagold Facial is two-fold:

24K Gold-Plated Microneedles:

The Aquagold treatment uses patented 24K gold-plated microneedles each thinner than a human hair to deliver vital nutrients just below the surface of the skin. Technically it’s considered a “microneedling” treatment, but the Aquagold is unique because it doesn’t injure the skin like typical microneedling devices. The gold-plated, stainless steel microchannels are so small that the procedure is essentially painless and doesn’t require any topical numbing cream.

Custom Cocktail, “The Vial With All The Good Stuff”:

The Aquagold treatment is customized to deliver a nourishing cocktail of sterile vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and neuromodulators like Botox just below the surface of the skin. Conventionally, we think of products like hyaluronic dermal fillers and Botox as being injected into focal areas, deep within the soft tissue. But what’s unique about the Aquagold device is that it allows us to “stamp” these regenerative products over the entire face, without penetrating too deep, and preserving a totally natural look.

So... What Makes Aquagold The Perfect Wedding Gift?

The average wedding photographer snaps between 500 to 800 photos on the big day. Guess who’s in most of them. The bride and groom, of course. There’s the family photos, the hashtagged Instagram stories, the candid shots. There’s morning-of photos, getting to the venue photos, getting ready photos, first dance photos, and last dance photos. There’s rehearsal dinner photos, wedding shower photos, and honeymoon selfies.

Okay, you get my drift. The point is, there’s a lot of photos, and if there’s one time in life any couple will want to look and feel their best, it’s on their wedding day.

Help them get fresh, dewy, and glowing. A quick 30-minute treatment is a perfect way to pamper the happy couple before their big day, as they embark on their honeymoon and new lives together.

Dr Nick Crawford, Medical Director at Bloom Health has this to say about the Aquagold Facial:

“The Aquagold Facial is an easy step for almost any couple, even if you’ve never done anything like this before. Because the microchannels on the device are so small there’s essentially no risk of a bad outcome. We customize the treatment with a rich ‘cocktail’ of ingredients that cannot be matched, even by our other medical-grade therapies. The results speak for themselves every time.”

Yes, The Bride + Groom Will Really Love It

The reviews are in- there’s no shortage of happy Brides who’ve received Aquagold before their big day and can’t help but rave about the results. And of course, the Grooms typically have no idea what it’s all about. Until they experience it for themselves!

In closing, an Aquagold Facial package for Him + Her is a unique wedding gift that no one else will think to give, and a gift the happy couple won’t forget. Hold off on scouring that wedding registry for now, find an Aquagold provider near you, the bride and groom will truly thank you!

Picture of Dr. Nicholas Crawford DO

Dr. Nicholas Crawford DO

Dr. Crawford is a board certified medical physician with a special interest in guiding patients to their full health potential, integrating mind, body & spirit.

He has extensive clinical experience in the ambulatory, acute care and critical care settings.

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