The Best Treatments For Under Chin Fat In 2020

The Best Treatments For Under Chin Fat In 2020

By Dr. Nicholas Crawford


“Is that what I look like?”

The dreaded double chin selfie. At one point or another, we’ve all accidentally opened the phone in selfie mode and recoiled in horror at the chinless blob staring back.

Here’s the facts. Basic chin anatomy is unforgiving and mostly beyond your control. That double chin? Blame it on your parents. There is an apparent genetic component to it, and no amount of diet and exercise will get rid of it. Jaw juts? Good luck. Chewing gum? It’s not going to work as well as you think it will. Nothing but salad for a year? Maybe.

Submental fullness is stubborn and persistent. So is there any way to get a more contoured jawline? Fortunately, yes.

Here’s the top three under the chin fat treatments for 2020:

1) Kybella

Kybella injection lipolysis is a series of customizable under the chin injections that destroy fat cells. It’s one of the best methods out there today, and has excellent results. The Kybella treatment uses a synthetic deoxycholic acid as its active ingredient. Deoxycholic acid is naturally occurring within your metabolic system. It helps to break down and absorb fat. Synthetically produced deoxycholic acid works in much the same way, and is used in a variety of medicinal applications, including the Kybella treatment.

The process is simple. The Kybella process entails a series of injections into the fat beneath the chin. The deoxycholic compound within breaks down and destroys fat cells. Most patients need 2-3 treatments spaced about a month apart, but see noticeable and permanent results. The pain is mild with a little swelling. The total number of injections and treatments is dependent on body type and the profile look you desire, and cost reflects the treatment.

As one of the simplest and most effective chin fat reduction treatments out there, Kybella is a no-brainer for most.

2) CoolSculpting

An image of coolsculpting machines at Bloom Health.

Coolsculpting is the newest and perhaps hottest option for chin fat reduction on the market today. What’s great about Coolsculpting is that it can be used on any part of the body that has fat (including under the chin) and it’s a non-invasive fat reduction procedure, which means no needles, no downtime, and minimal pain. 

Here’s how it works: Coolsculpting is a cryolipolysis treatment that uses applicators to freeze away stubborn areas of fat. The applicator freezes the targeted area to super-cold temperatures very rapidly, and once the fat has been frozen, the cells become crystallized and undergo natural cell death. Then, the administrator will massage the problem area to aid the process. Over time, the lymphatic system will collect all the discarded fat cells and excrete them.

Again, it’s non-invasive, so it doesn’t hurt much (mild discomfort), and any redness or swelling subsides rather quickly. You’ll notice changes as soon as three weeks after treatment, with noticeable change three to six months after. The great thing about Coolsculpting? You can achieve a 20-25% reduction in fat in the treated area after a single session!

If you’re opting for under the chin Coolsculpting only, the treatment and cost will be relatively low. Everyone’s body is different, so consult with your doctor to find the right plan and the right areas to freeze, but a normal treatment plan involves 1-2 sessions, with each session lasting roughly 35 minutes. Choose Coolsculpting if you want the most effective non-invasive treatment option out there.

3) Surgical Liposuction

Submental liposuction is perhaps the most requested treatment in plastic surgeon’s offices around the world, and for good reason. This is the tried and true method for anyone who wants the traditional nip and tuck, and liposuction for that little pouch beneath your chin is a good fit for many.

Though the surgery is common, the treatment always depends on the patient. Not everyone is a candidate for liposuction. It all depends on your unique anatomy, the presence of fat pads, skin laxity, and your body’s response to anesthesia. Yes, again it’s all up to genetics. And while liposuction does involve “going under the knife”, it is an outpatient procedure.

Local or general anesthesia will be delivered and your surgeon will make a few incisions in the chin and neck area. Using a liposuction tool, specific areas of fat will be gently removed. Patients generally report that the procedure is uncomfortable at most, and not much more painful than getting your ears pierced.

You’ll need to wear a compression wrap around your head and chin for a few days to a couple weeks, and bruising and swelling can show up briefly after the procedure. Liposuction of the chin is a known and well-travelled procedure, and though you might need to limit social activities for a few days after, it’s a decent option.

Final Thoughts

As always, the best way to get the chiseled and perfect under the chin look that you want is to be born with that. Since that’s something we can’t really change at this point, there’s always diet and exercise. But again, diet and exercise can only go so far, and under the chin, it doesn’t always go as far as we’d like it to.

So if you are considering treatment for the submental region, always remember to discuss with your doctor and see which option is best suited for you.


Picture of Dr. Nicholas Crawford

Dr. Nicholas Crawford

Dr. Crawford is a board certified osteopathic medical physician with a special interest in guiding patients to their full health potential, integrating mind, body & spirit.

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