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Personalized Botox Subscription Plan​

Botox Subscription Plan | Save More Annually

Staying wrinkle-free can be costly! Get the most value out of all your Botox treatments with our exclusive Botox Subscription Plan. Feel confident knowing where and when you’ll receive your next Botox treatment. Simply choose the plan below that’s right for you!

Botox Cosmetic typically costs $12-14/unit.

Choose Your Subscription Plan

80 Units BOTOX

$ 800
  • Plan Price: $10/Unit
  • For use as 20 Units,
    every 3 months

160 Units BOTOX

$ 1,560
  • Plan Price: $9.75/Unit
  • For use as 40 Units,
    every 3 months

200 Units BOTOX

$ 1,900
  • Plan Price: $9.50/Unit
  • For use as 50 Units,
    every 3 months

256 Units BOTOX

$ 2,368
  • Plan Price: $9.25/Unit
  • For use as 64 Units,
    every 3 months
Most patients require 40-64 Units of Botox per treatment.

Why choose bloom health?

Treatment with anti-wrinkle injections requires careful nuance- with consideration of your unique facial attributes and your overall preferences and goals. Our Bloom Health providers have expert knowledge of facial anatomy and injection techniques and will get you the results you’re looking for.

Botox often forms the cornerstone of any comprehensive skin rejuvenation program. Botox treatments work well in combination with our other noninvasive therapies such as dermal fillers, microneedling, facial peels, and skin tightening and resurfacing procedures. To learn more about the Botox procedure, visit our Botox page here.

Ready to save big on all your Botox treatments this year? Purchase your subscription package today!

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