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*The Covid-19 Antibody Test must be ordered by a licensed medical provider for insurance to cover the test.

Covid Antibody Testing in Metro Detroit

Bloom Health is pleased to offer Covid—19 Antibody Testing for new and existing patients. Schedule a virtual consult today and speak with one of our board certified physicians to see if you’re a candidate for testing. If indicated, our provider will order the Covid-19 Antibody Test which is drawn at either our office or a convenient local laboratory site. Once you submit your blood sample the results are usually available in 1-2 days.

What Is The Covid-19 Antibody Test? Why's It Important?

When your immune system is exposed to an incoming virus such as Covid-19, it produces antibodies to fend off the threat. The presence of these antibodies in the blood are a telltale sign of whether you’ve been infected, regardless if you’ve experienced any symptoms. Thankfully, if you’ve been exposed COVID-19, your risk for reinfection appears to be significantly reduced. Knowing your Covid Antibody status may make it easier to plan social distancing, return to work, and other activities of daily life.

The Covid-19 Antibody Test requires a simple blood draw. We’ll draw your blood at our office or direct you toward your nearest local medical laboratory to have it drawn. 

There are numerous Covid-19 Antibody Tests now available to the public from different manufacturers. Some tests have been found to have low degrees of accuracy. We prefer the Abbott Laboratories IgG serology test, as it has been cleared for “Emergency Use Authorization” (“EUA”) by the FDA, and has the highest sensitivity and specificity of any other test on the market.

Your immune system makes IgG antibodies (orange and purple) that attack viruses like Covid-19 (pink).

Who can Receive the Covid-19 Antibody Test?

If you suspect you’ve had Coronavirus or have been exposed-  and if you’ve been symptom-free for at least two weeks– you’re a candidate for Covid-19 Antibody Testing. If you would like to get tested, please call us at 248-365-0311 to arrange a telemedicine consult. Please note, to protect patients nationwide the CDC recommends Covid-19 Antibody testing can only be ordered by a licensed medical professional.

Knowing your Antibody status can make it easier to plan social distancing and return to work strategies.

No Need to Guess, Just Test

We now know that it’s possible to have been infected by Coronavirus and have fended it off- without exhibiting any typical symptoms such as malaise, cough, fever, or shortness of breath. The only way to know for sure whether your immune system has mounted an IgG Antibody response is by testing. Luckily, our Covid-19 Antibody test is fairly precise, with about 99% detection rate if antibodies are present.

Benefits of Covid-19 Antibody Testing with Bloom Health



*The Covid-19 Antibody Test must be ordered by a licensed medical provider for insurance to cover the test.


Unfortunately, no- Bloom Health only accepts cash based payments for our services. This is due to the high financial burden of partnership with Medicare, Medicaid and medical insurance companies. We've found that straightforward pricing is the best way for us to continue to provide premium, high-level care for our patients. Our patients receive easy access to our providers, friendly encounters with our staff, and straightforward answers when they need it most.
Yes, most insurance plans cover Covid-19 Antibody testing. You'll submit your insurance info at the time of your blood draw. If you don't have insurance the out-of-pocket cost may range from $120-200.
Yes, many families desire to get everyone tested at the same time. We provide group discounts, depending on the size of your family. For families greater than 5, please inquire for further information.
  • Family of 2: $100
  • Family of 3: $140
  • Family of 4: $180
  • Family of 5: $225
Yes, many companies recognize how Covid-19 Antibody testing can help their business get back to normal. We provide group rates depending on the number of employees you want tested. For companies with greater than 25 employees, please inquire for further information.
  • 5-9 Employees: $250
  • 10-14 Employees: $500
  • 15-19 Employees: $725
  • 20-24 Employees: $950
No, if you were already diagnosed with active Covid-19 infection via a nasal swab test, there's no need to test for IgG antibodies. It's assumed that your immune system is producing them.
A negative Covid-19 Antibody test means that your immune system has not been exposed to Coronavirus. We advise patients with negative status to continue to follow State and CDC guidelines in regards to social distancing, hand hygiene, and protective equipment. Please visit for the most up to date details.
Yes, if you previously tested negative for Covid-19 Antibody and would like to get tested again, you’re eligible to retest in the weeks and months that follow.
Most patients receive their Covid-19 Antibody results 2-3 days after they've submitted their blood sample to the laboratory.

Dr. Nicholas Crawford & Shadilea Crawford RN BSN

Why choose bloom health for Covid Testing?

Our Bloom Health providers have front line experience diagnosing and treating Coronavirus patients in the ambulatory, acute care, and critical care settings.  We recognize that knowing your Covid-19 Antibody status is an important tool to help you make responsible decisions about social distancing and self-isolation during these difficult times. 

Conveniently located in Bloomfield Hills, Bloom Health is a premier provider of concierge-based functional medicine in Michigan and proud to serve Metro Detroit’s surrounding communities of Birmingham, West Bloomfield, Troy, Auburn Hills, Commerce, Farmington Hills, Walled Lake, Canton, Novi, Rochester Hills and Ann Arbor.

Ready to discover your Covid-19 Antibody status? Let Bloom Health get you the test results that matter most. Schedule a virtual consult today by calling us at 248-365-0311 or by filling out the form below.


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*The Covid-19 Antibody Test must be ordered by a licensed medical provider for insurance to cover the test.

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