The Top 5 Ingredients To Ask For In Your Aquagold Facial

The Top 5 Ingredients To Ask For In Your Aquagold Facial

By Dr. Nicholas Crawford


What's Aquagold?

Brighter, more radiant skin, with smaller pores and reduced fine lines, and it lasts for months?

That’s the Aquagold fine-touch treatment. 

It’s the latest (and most effective!) facial treatment taking the beauty world by storm. Want to soften lines, reduce pore size, minimize acne scarring and give your skin that healthy, glowing, and supple tone you’ve always wanted? Well, that’s what it does. And it makes your skin feel more even and smooth. It’s easy and pretty painless, too! It’s a uniquely customized blend of everything you need at once, so no need for multiple visits and procedures.

But what to put in it? That’s what we’ll find out.

How The Aquagold Treatment Works

Whereas most facial treatments subside within days (if not hours), The Aquagold treatment provides results that last for weeks and months. It’s more durable than most procedures and facials, and quicker and less painful than microneedling. Sound amazing? It is, as long as you have the right ingredients.

Here’s how it works: The Aquagold device is a patented fine-touch microinjector that delivers thousands of microinjections per minute from a customizable vial to your skin, without pain or downtime. The vial with all the good stuff in it is linked to twenty 24K pure gold-plated surgical grade stainless steel microchannels, each thinner than a human hair. 

That blended concoction is then “stamped” just below the surface of the skin. What does this mean? It means it’s more gentle than traditional microneedling procedures, and only affects the surface layer.

The procedure is quick and easy, and usually lasts about 20-30 minutes. Downtime is minimal as well, with most seeing results within hours or a couple days Since the Aquagold treatment is a medical procedure, it’s only available to physicians. Talk to your doctor about the right blend of ingredients (more on that below) to create the perfect concoction for your needs. 

What happens after the Aquagold treatment?

Right after the treatment, you’ll have little to no downtime. Some patients see a bit of redness for a couple of hours after, but it’s minimal. Here’s why:

The needles are plated with 24K gold by design, and not just because it sounds luxurious! Gold is a metal of course, but it does not react with any substances that are naturally found in the human body, so the risk of irritation or allergic reaction is slim. Even those with metal allergies or fair or sensitive skin are safe! And with super-fine microinjectors that only go to a depth of 0.6 mm beneath the surface of the skin, it’s not a super invasive procedure.

You’ll begin to see results within a couple days of treatment, and the benefits will last for 3-4 months. So, now that you know how it works, here’s what you need to put in it to get the maximum bang for your buck:

The Top 5 Ingredients To Ask For In Your Aquagold Facial

1 ) Hyaluronic Fillers

First and foremost, hyaluronic fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse.

Remember that radiant and natural look your skin had when you were younger? Well, it wasn’t luck, and it wasn’t just the result of a carefree life and a lack of stress, though that definitely helped! It came from hyaluronic acid, something that’s naturally produced by our bodies and found mostly in the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid binds to water to retain moisture, which keeps your skin more plump, more saturated, and less dry. It makes your skin appear supple and glowing. It softens lines, gives volume and hydration, reduced wrinkles, and can help with redness and dermatitis. 

When we’re young, our bodies produce hyaluronic acid in plentiful quantities. But as we grow older the natural aging process depletes it. So where we once had dewy and glowing skin that was well-hydrated and constantly replenished, over time we’re reduced to skin that loses its shine and fights just to do its job.

Hydration is hands-down the most important facet of healthy-looking skin, and hyaluronic acid is that magic ingredient that keeps that keeps that hydration exactly where it needs to be. Not only does it keep your skin tissue well-lubricated and minimize that worn-down, dull tone, but it also acts as an antioxidant and serves as a shield against pollution, irritants, and other aggressors. 

2) Botox

The classic.

We all know how far a few units of Botox can go. From eliminating forehead lines and crow’s feet to giving your cheeks more volume, Botox is the neurotoxin that can do it all. But don’t forget that Botox also reduces the size of your pores!

This is where the Aquagold treatment blows the competition out of the water. Whereas the benefits of a traditional facial will last for a few days at most, adding a little Botox to your Aquagold treatment will achieve results for months!

Botox is long-lasting, and mixing it in for microinjection directly into the surface layer of your skin will freeze your fine lines and reduce your pore size for a long time. Users will often see (or won’t see!) much smaller pores for anywhere from two to four months after the procedure.

3 ) Sterile Vitamin C

Are you getting enough Vitamin C? Maybe. Many of us aren’t, and we might need a lot more than we think. Check this out to see if you’re getting enough, and to find out how to get the right amount.

Whether you are or not, your skin loves a little bit of Vitamin C. Technical name ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is the mother antioxidant, and for good reason. It brightens your skin tone and gets rid of brown spots. It fights off free radicals, pollutants, and discoloration, evens your skin tone and texture, and helps with acne scars and general dullness. It promotes the production of collagen and elastin, two protein fibers that keep your skin radiant and firm.

Vitamin C does it all. Well, not all, but a lot! Make sure you discuss this one with your doctor, as Vitamin C can irritate sensitive skin on some people. But overall, it’s safe, healthy, and super-important. Make sure it’s the sterile kind, though!

4 ) Sterile Vitamin B

Along the same lines as the Vitamin C, Vitamin B is the antioxidant vitamin that repairs and invigorates your skin. Vitamin B helps with skin clarity, brightness, and fights dryness and pigmentation. Vitamins are super important for skin health, and research has shown that they’re most effective when applied directly to the surface of the skin.

Ultimately, sterile Vitamin B is there to reduce dullness and give you a wonderful glow, and to slow down aging of your skin. It’s part of what creates a fresh, rejuvenated look and feel. Vitamins B-3 and B-5 have been shown to slow down the aging of skin, and to help with skin tone, texture, and acne.

5 ) Tranexamic Acid

Glamour Magazine called tranexamic acid the breakthrough skincare ingredient for the glowiest skin ever, and for good reason. Tranexamic acid brightens complexion and fights stubborn discolorations. 

Tranexamic acid is a powerful, effective, and safe treatment for pigmentation and dark spots (called melasma). How powerful is it? A 2013 study found that patients treated with microinjections or microneedling of tranexamic acid showed improvements of 35%-44% in their MASI scores (Melasma Area Severity Index), with some seeing as much as 50% improvement, and no adverse side effects!

You’ll find tranexamic acid in serums, toners and face masks, and it’s quite safe! It calms the skin, restores the skin barrier, and decreases sensitivity to harmful UV, too!

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! The five very best ingredients to ask for in your Aquagold facial treatment. Sit down with your doctor to find the right mix of ingredients for your skin type, and enjoy your bold and rejuvenated glow!

Of course, the key to any proper skin regimen is a healthy diet and adequate hydration, but the right mix of ingredients in an Aquagold facial treatment can take your skin from good to great!


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Dr. Nicholas Crawford

Dr. Crawford is a board certified osteopathic medical physician with a special interest in guiding patients to their full health potential, integrating mind, body & spirit.