The Top 5 New Beauty Treatments In 2020

The Top 5 New Beauty Treatments In 2020

By Dr. Nicholas Crawford


Wanting to look, feel, and be your best in 2020 is easy, right? Not so fast. With new treatments and new procedures come new choices! With so many options, it’s tough to filter through the hype and make the right decision. Which beauty treatments are effective? Which treatments are right for you? And which are right for your wallet?

So, without further ado, here’s how to look and feel your best with the top 5 new beauty treatments in 2020.

1) BodySculpting Is In

Bodysculpting is perhaps the newest and most exciting new field of treatments in the world right now! What was once only available through rigorous diet and exercise can be achieved with a few simple and pain-free visits to a medical clinic.

What are the most effective means of burning fat and building muscle? A proper diet and exercise, of course! But even with a healthy diet and a few sessions on the elliptical each week, those stubborn love handles remain. Another month of counting calories, and they’re still there. Another month at the gym. Still there.

Stubborn. That’s the key word here.

Along comes bodysculpting. These procedures go after the most stubborn areas of fat. Target specific regions? Check. No surgery? Check. Burn fat with no downtime? Check and check.

So, which muscle sculpting procedure to choose? Two of the best on the market right now are Emsculpt and Coolsculpting. Here’s a breakdown of each.


The FDA cleared Emsculpt procedure uses something called HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to burn fat and build muscle in treated areas. The way it works is by inducing muscle activity that results in a deep remodeling of the underlying tissue structure.

See, the issue with most stubborn fat areas is that they’re nearly impossible to reach with normal voluntary stimulus (exercise), no matter how many crunches and leg lifts you sweat through. But what the HIFEM technology does is target these tissues by inducing high-intensity muscle contractions that break apart the clusters of fat and force the muscle to react and adapt. And it builds muscle in the process!

It’s a relatively safe and painless procedure with little to no downtime that yields up to a 19% reduction in fat in the treated area, as well as a 16% increase in muscle mass! It can be used to target the abdomen, legs and butt, or those stubborn love handles, and most see results after a few weeks. Xanax 2 mg online https://ochoaspharmacy.com/xanax

Emsculpt treatment and cost: Emsculpt sessions don’t take long (30-45 minutes), but treatments are generally grouped together in 3-4 treatment plans over the course of a couple of weeks. At $750-$1,000 per session, a full customized treatment will cost between $3,000-$4,000.

An image of coolsculpting machines at Bloom Health.

One of the most popular procedures in the world of beauty in 2020 is Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting differs from other muscle sculpting procedures in that it freezes the fat to treat those stubborn areas, and can be used on any part of the body that has fat. Arm fat, double chin, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, flanks, man or woman… you can freeze all of it!

It’s a non-invasive fat reduction procedure, so unlike liposuction, you can be in and out the same day with no downtime! Coolsculpting is a cryolipolysis treatment that uses freezing applicators to freeze away those stubborn areas of fat and send them packing. Once the fat has been frozen, the cells become crystallized and undergo natural cell death. A quick massage of the problem area and over time, the lymphatic system collects all the discarded fat cells and excretes them. Gone forever!

Does it hurt? No, not really. The Coolsculpting machine freezes fat areas to super-cold temperatures rather quickly, so any discomfort is quick and usually numbed away in a matter of seconds or minutes. Some patients even manage to squeeze in a quick nap during the procedure. You might notice some redness or swelling initially, but not for long. You’ll notice changes as soon as three weeks after treatment, with noticeable change three to six months after. The great thing about Coolsculpting? You can achieve a 20-25% reduction in fat in the treated area after a single session!

Coolsculpting treatment and cost: Everyone’s body is different, so consult with your doctor to find the right plan and the right areas to freeze, but a normal treatment plan involves 1-2 sessions, with each sitting taking about 35 minutes. Plan on spending about $2,000-$3,000 per session.

2) Hydradermabrasion

Whereas microdermabrasion is the tried and true method of fighting deep tissue skin scars, hydradermabrasion is the new and exciting treatment that provides a healthy and radiant look for every type of skin, even those with sensitive skin or oily and deep pores.

We recommend the patented HydraFacial treatment, a device with a three-part regimen that cleans, then exfoliates, then infuses the skin with intensive serums. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that achieves smooth and hydrated skin after just one treatment, and it works for everyone. And while a traditional facial only lasts 2 to 3 days, the HydraFacial gives your skin a glow for up to a week or more!

How does it work? First, the device vacuums out pores and uses water to exfoliate and clean. Then, the serums. Now what’s fantastic about this procedure is that the serums are fully customizable depending on age, need, and skin type. Vitamin C, peptide serums, glycolic acid, whatever you need!

It’s a super gentle procedure with limited side effects and limited downtime, and it lasts. What’s not to love! It’s hydrating, it’s non-irritating, virtually painless, and has visible results.

Hydradermabrasion treatment and cost: A one-time treatment takes only about 30 minutes and usually costs about $150-$300.

3) Jaw Contouring With Dermal Fillers

Subtlety is the name of the game when it comes to jawline work. Without having major plastic surgery, definition and profile can be improved with just a little bit of definition. This is one of the most popular filler treatments in clinics and medspas in 2020, and for good reason.

Without going under the knife, you can get that sculpted look and disappear the skin beneath your chin with just a little bit of filler. It’ll add volume and symmetry and give you that slimming look. It’s a subtle change with big results. You won’t have that “work done” look, but you’ll notice a look that just seems… more defined. It’s customizable of course, and based on need, so you can go big or small. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane are popular and effective and FDA approved, but there’s a whole range of fillers that can be used, with instant results that last up to a year or more.

Jaw contouring treatment and cost: The procedure usually takes about 30-45 minutes. You will receive a topical anesthetic and then a series of dermal filler injections (usually about 5-7 per side) around the jaw and chin. There’s little to no discomfort and almost no downtime. Usually starts at about $750 and up, depending on need.

4) RF Microneedling

Number four on our list is radio frequency microneedling, also known as RF microneedling, a procedure for tissue coagulation and hemostasis that remodels collagen and addresses the common signs of aging. What does this mean? It means fewer wrinkles, corrected acne and blemish scar tissue, and smoother, more taut skin. Anti-aging at its best!

Radio frequency microneedling uses uniquely insulated needles with customizable high-intensity energy frequencies to induce restoration of collagen and skin. One of the more popular and effective RF microneedling platforms is Secret RF by Cutera. It warms deep tissue within the skin which in turn causes collagen to grow and thrive. This improves the texture and feel of skin. You’ll notice softer smile lines and more smooth skin across the board.

RF microneedling treatment and cost: RF microneedling is minimally invasive with no downtime. Most patients opt for 3-4 treatments, each about 20 minutes long. As always, cost depends on need and the size of the area to be treated. Expect to pay between $250-$2,100 for a treatment plan.

5) Topical Niacinamide

The last beauty treatment on our list is the easiest, and one of the best! Topical niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B-3, and we’re just beginning to learn all the benefits to this nutrient. Though this is a relatively new skincare solution, already we have a great understanding of the many benefits of topical niacinamide.

First and foremost, it builds proteins in the skin and locks in moisture. Moisture and proper hydration are essential to healthy skin, and niacinamide helps lock it in place. In addition to keeping your skin well hydrated, niacinamide also builds keratin, keeping your skin healthy and taut, minimizes pores, regulates oil retention and production, treats acne, and helps iron out wrinkles. It’s good for eczema, hyperpigmentation, and protects against foreign toxins, pollutants, and even skin cancer.

Whether it’s part of your daily skincare ritual or an occasional freshen up, topical niacinamide might be just the shield you need to protect your skin.

Topical niacinamide treatment and cost: Niacinamide is usually self-applied and available over the counter. Always follow instructions and the medical advice of your doctor. A personal-sized vial can cost anywhere from $5 to $80 from a reputable source.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it. The top five new beauty treatments to make 2020 your best year yet!


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Dr. Nicholas Crawford

Dr. Crawford is a board certified osteopathic medical physician with a special interest in guiding patients to their full health potential, integrating mind, body & spirit.